Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Joe's Valley

Joe's Valley Utah is one of my favorite climbing areas I've been to. The sandstone is wildly aesthetic, with beautiful colors and shapes. The climbing is right off the road, and the movement is gymnastic and physical (a style which suits me very well). Even though our most resent trip to Joe's was somewhat disappointing because of bad weather and a lack of time, I left several problems I will be able to finish very quickly upon my return. Huge thanks to my sponsors and to Red Bull for they're support and making my continued pursuit of climbing possible!

Because of the rain and subsequent humidity, I spent a good deal of the trip taking photos, so check them out and enjoy!


Matt crushing his first V6, "Pitbull"

Zach Vose on "I'd Rather be Climbing Her"

Me climbing the Joe's Valley mega-classic and quite possibly best V6 ever "Wills of Fire"